Wax v Ceramic coating

There are so many factors to the argument as to which is best and here are a few that are in my opinion the most important ones. A ceramic/Glass coating is a chemically advanced product which once added to your car’s paint will last longer and provide a harder shell than that of a wax […]

If you kerb your wheels, don’t worry!

Ouch. We have all heard that sound when you kerb your wheel. Just look at this. Painful. I am currently using the best wheel refurbishing company out there (in my humble opinion). They will genuinely transform your kerbed / damaged wheels. Please do get in touch if you would like me to organise a refurb […]

Top Tip 1: washing

When washing your car always start with the dirtiest areas of the car like the engine bay, wheels and wheel arches. Otherwise you have spent wasted time on your soft paintwork only to splash the clean area with dirt from the wheels and you end up doing the same area twice.