RS4 Avant

A full paint correction and wheels off detail was to be carried out on this lovely Daytona Grey RS4.

Firstly full wheel removal to allow better access for cleaning the inside of the wheels and this is also a great opportunity to prepare and protect the insides. All calipers are cleaned and protected as well as brake hubs repainted. Wheel arches thoroughly pressure washed. Engine bay washed and protected and all door reveals.

The body is then washed and decontaimated and left to dry whilst interior is cleaned in a 4stage process. All mats removed, every nook and cranny dusted, cleaned and vacuumed with all leather surfaces treated with Gtechniq leather sealer.

The paintwork after the clay bar process receives a 4 stage machine polish before the all important dressings and waxes are applied.

This vehicle is now part of my monthly maintenance plan and the owner was delighted with the result:

Having bought  my dream car, the very first call I made was to Glyn. After two days of work, it looked like a brand new car. Absolutely delighted with the results!