Whether it be protecting your brand new car’s leather against everyday issues like dirt or dye transfer from clothing or refurbishing that old classic car interior to a full recolour then I am trained to be able to offer these services at the highest level.

The leather in your car is a painted surface and thus must be protected like the exterior. If the vehicle is brand new I would firstly clean and add a protective coating to ensure future issues can be dealt with much easier.

On your used vehicle I can deep clean the hide using very specific yet safe procedures before protecting it for the future. See the 50/50 picture above.

Leather recolour or refurbish is something I have had intense training for to enable me to carry out simple scratch repair to a full interior removal and recolour.

Please call me to chat through the process!

The Rolls Royce interior at the top of the page is from 1958 and underwent some serious work. Even down to the door piping being hand painted. As you can see, a huge difference and a very happy owner.