Many of todays vehicles require what I call paintwork correction.

If your vehicle has numerous swirl marks or light scratches which are sometimes a little to deep for simple detailing to remove then this procedure is the answer. Many detailers have tried to master this process with machine polishers and various different grades of compound or pastes which contain grit, I now consider this to be an old fashioned process, so together with some modern technology I have developed a safe process which can make your vehicles paintwork like glass.

Firstly the cars paint is measured with a digital depth guage to ensure the panel is safe to work on. I have an ultrasonic guage which not only measures the paint it also measures the laquer even on plastics and carbon fibre. This measures paint in (nm) newton microns and with normal modern cars only having 100nm of paint on there panels you need to be very careful as 100nm equates to 1,000th of a mm.

This is a very skillful process but with all the correct equipment can be carried out with unique results. Normally I carry out this process along with a Specialist detail and paint protection to give the car the overall makeover.

You can see a dramatic difference below!