Before and after!

This process I suppose is what I have become renowned for. The package includes me attending your home or workplace and totally changing the way your car looks.

I have all the equipment required, so if you dont have a garage, the special weather protection unit comes out to ensure the car can be prepared come rain or snow.

The first procedure is to wash the car thoroughly starting with the engine bay (in some cases not possible), the door & luggage shuts, all wheel arches and inside of wheels. Then I address the washing of the paintwork and glass with a zero ph supa snow foam which is a safe yet very effective of washing the car without creating swirls. The car is then rinsed and dried with special soft drying towels.

The car then goes through the oxidisation removal which is a unique clay bar process also removing tar, tree sap and any other harmful contaminants to leave the paint silky smooth.

The cars paint is then cleansed, cleansing the paintwork is a very important stage for removing light swirls and preparing the surface for the final wax. The wax is then added to the cars paint, the preferred wax is the finest Brazilian which is at least 10 times the industry level of carnauba giving a paint protection that needs to be seen to be believed.

Also as part of my detailing process the cars dash is cleaned, all carpets vacuumed, windows cleaned both int & exterior, leather conditioned, tyres and wheel arch liners dressed.