Top tips:
Always ensure you wash the wheels first before any of the paintwork but a very important tip is to make sure the wheel surface is cool before the washing procedure begins.

Step 1: pre rinse to remove excess diet and brake dust build up.

Step 2: spray on a non acidic wheel cleaner and leave for the suggested time before agitating with a soft wheel brush.

Step 3: rinse and dry.

If there are any signs of pitting or hard brake dust which hasn’t come off from regular washing then go to the next step.

Step 4: if no signs of pitting show please go step 5, if signs of pitting show then spray on a coating of Iron max from Britemax, leave this for 5 minutes to dwell and you see the clear liquid turns the brake dust purple. Simply wipe gently with a soft microfibre and rinse with water which neutralises and dry.

Step 5: use a paint cleaner to clean the wheels buff and apply the relevant wheel wax.

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